Le Set Spring/Summer 2012 collection

United States of Music (unfinished titles)

4 questions answered from the West Coast to the East, USA.

What’s the first song you remember hearing?

What was the first record you bought?

What was the last?

What’s the next one you are going to buy?

“The World Tonight” Paul McCartney promo video

Filmed in the South of France whilst on holiday.

I understand that this is not every fans idea of a good Paul McCartney video, but I like that it carries a different kind of message and thought from that time. It was fun to film although a little nerve racking too.

“Young Boy” Paul McCartney

A wild combination of footage for this promo video, but it all seems to fit together ok.

“About Collage” Peter Blake

In 2001 Peter Blake curated a show on collage for the Tate Gallery, and for the exhibition he specifically designed and made the brochure. This film introduces the idea behind the exhibition as he creates it, using the differing styles of the artists he is showing, and incorporating their styles into the books cover.

Peters studio was in itself an enormous collage, the result of years of storing, almost hoarding, the found objects that he uses for inspiration alongside his work finished and in progress.

The Kissing Booth

From the book by Lana Citron, A Compendium Of Kisses. The Kissing Booth was filmed at the Sanctum Hotel in London, the favourite haunt of rock and roll stars and night stars.

Mini Retreat Series


January the 12th will be the second mini retreat in the biggertable retreat series.

On Wednesday January 12th 2011 we are offering the second in the biggertable mini retreat series to be held in London.

Continuing to build on the retreats aims to offer the opportunity of a single day to experience something away from the normal routine of the workplace and daily schedule, we are introducing the new class of Mindful Therapy alongside Creative Journal Writing. The mini retreat day is not only for those who have been before and who are building on their experience with us, but it is for newcomers who also wish to take the opportunity to introduce something that could make a difference to their daily lives.

The Mindful Therapy class is to be given by Pam Powers and in it she observes stress and the body’s response to it. Pam teaches practical technique’s for use in times of stress and strong emotion through a mindfulness approach within daily life which calls on such concepts as diaphragmatic breathing, staying focused in the present and defusing unhelpful thoughts.

Lunch will be in the Slow Food style where all the ingredients are seasonal and locally sourced.

The afternoon class of Creative Journal Writing given by Beverly Frydman will be continuing from the last mini retreat to explore and appreciate the value of writing out our thoughts and ideas. Journal writing is always an on going experience and those starting out can drop straight into the class and begin a journal at anytime.

The last biggertable mini retreat was such a positive day for all of us and with such enthusiastic responses that we are very much looking forward to the January 12th. The day costs £100 and includes the lunch. It runs from 9.30 to 3.30 and will be held in a private home in London W9. If you would like any further information, or would like to book a place, please contact Alistair or Tessa at retreat@biggertable.com


Love Revue’s Daniel Hart duets with Therese Grankvist to perform in a bandshot360 of the song they co-wrote, Superhero.

‘Everything’ by LoStar

LoStar at 93ftEast for the bandshot360 series.

Who would be a ……Journalist?

Immediately after the attack on New York’s Twin Towers I began filming the people who bring us the news. Often referred to as witnesses they are also called adrenaline junkies. Who are journalists and why do they do what they do, where they do it and when often the conditions are at the very limit of life threatening. This the trailer for a feature length and documentary series, “As Journalism is my witness”